Scratch Bowling Tournaments in the Midwest

Some of the best scratch tournaments around the Midwest of the US!

Have you wanted to test your skills on oil patterns similar to what the pros are bowling on? MSBS Scratch Tournaments is what you are looking for then!

Brian Regan has done a phenomenal job creating a massive list of tournaments available for bowlers looking to bowl scratch on house shots and tough oil patterns alike.

I personally have attended over 20 of their tournaments and all of them thus far have been well ran. Brian will even remember who I am after I have been missing for a few months. I have always admired his effort to try and appreciate each of the bowlers showing up to his tournaments. Brian is a great person trying to do great things for the sport of bowling.

MSBS hosts multiple different types of tournaments. All of them being scratch. They have singles, doubles, baker doubles, sweepers, challenge patterns, sport patterns, house shots and teams.

The tournaments are generally held in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

Brian works tirelessly looking for bowling alleys to host the tournaments and he is always trying to promote the tournaments on social media and making sure the MSBS website is up to date. There is a link to their website at the bottom of this post.

During a live MSBS tournament, you are able to check their website and see updated stats as the games are completed. Once the qualifying portion of the tournament is done, their website is still able to handle cut lines and semi finals and finals, so you are able to watch the entire tournament unfold as games are completed.

They are also working on Live Streaming the later matches of the tournaments on Facebook and YouTube. It is always nice to watch the good bowlers finish out while I lick my wounds on the way home.

Once a tournament is completed, Results are post on the website and all over Facebook. Once again, Brian showing off the bowlers and giving appreciation for them and his sponsors/bowling alleys.

Thank you MSBS for these great tournaments.

Check them out at MSBS Scratch Bowling