On The Gutter Podcast

General bowling talk

On my journey to adding information to this website, I stumbled upon a podcast "On The Gutter". I have been trying all of the podcasts I come across to see if its something I'll keep listening to.

Well, not only do I listen to them now weekly with episodes being released, but I'm actively advocating for this podcast. They talk about mishaps in the PBA tournaments, as well as the big tournaments across the globe and who finished where. They consistently talk about the big named bowlers while also talking about your above average amatuer bowlers who are out taking the money from the weekend warriors.

Their latest podcast covered a sensational bowler from Michigan, Justin Knowles. He has been winning in the midwest for a long time now and has decided to give some more time and effort at the PBA tournaments. Check that podcast out here: Justin Knowles Interview

They do talk about Motiv bowling, but that is because they are sponsored by them. I personally don't mind hearing the specific brand suggestions that happen infrequently.

Be sure to check them out here: Podcast