MSBS - Ionia Sweeper

Making the cut!?!?

There was 57 bowlers on ready on April 23, 2023. Ready to take this challenge shot on! Kegel's Route 66 ( 40 uL ) is the challenge shot. It is a 4:1 oil ratio.

In the field, there was 2 PWBA bowlers rolling as well! Also some other West Michigan stud bowlers. I enjoy competing against these athletes! 99.9% of them are very curtious and care about the bowlers around them.

I wasn't going to let the field deter me from trying! My first game, started off, let us say "slow". The first two frames were opens with multiple pins left. After that start, I went clean for the rest of the game and ended up with a 213. Two out of three single pin spares that I covered was the Two Pin.

Second game, started with a split and threw another split in the seventh frame. Finished that game off with a 204. Can't complain too much at this point. Still positive, just need to stay consistent.

The third game was a clean game! I had 3 single pin spares, two of them were Four Pins and one was a darn Nine Pin. Still a 216 game, once again, I'm in a good spot going into the last game.

The final game I knew I needed to have a good showing to give myself a shot at making the cut. Most of the MSBS tournaments, I try and tell myself I need to average 210 to make the cut. Started the game off with a strike, and second frame threw a nice 2/10 split. Frames 3 - 5, I spared. Struck from the sixth frame until the tenth frame where I threw another 2/10 split and opened for a 199 game. This tenth frame open made me miss the cut by 7 pins!!!

Overall, I quite enjoy bowling on some of the harder patterns, even if this was still an easier pattern than most of the MSBS tournaments. Always something to learn and grow from when bowling in these. I bowled with the guy who ended up winning the tournament. An older gentleman, Doug Moore. Congratulations Doug!

Till next time! Keep on rolling!