700/800 USBC Grand Rapids Tournament

Sometimes, just sometimes, it feels good

To qualify for this tournament, you need to have shot a 700 in your usbc career. There is also an 800 option if you have shot an 800, but..... I have not.

For practice, I started with my Motiv Venom Shock. It seemed to roll ok and get to the pocket but did not have enough umph! So, I switched to my Motiv Jackal Legacy. This Jackal is clean for me early and isn't too early. It showed strength going through the pins and seemed to be carrying well. It felt good.

Front three strikes to begin my first game and by frame 6 I started to see some transition, had 3 ten pins in a row while moving each frame! Split in the 11th for a 223. Not great, but not bad.

Second game, I couldn't not get any doubles going until sixth frame. Ended up with a 219. Sad face, but at this point i'm at 442.

204 is my 3rd game total, just going to say I opened in the tenth, missed a 7 pin.

Last game, split in the second frame and had some bad luck with a stone 8 and a solid 10. Ended that game with a 217, which brought my series to 863 for a four game total.

I had 7 ten pins and picked up 7 ten pins though. Happy about that. Overall I did throw the ball well, just didn't get some carries that could have gone my way. I know there was about 2 - 3 frames where I threw a bad ball.

I did not put myself in a position to place, but rolled around my average of 213.