Dexter SST8 Pro Review

Had these shoes for almost a full year now and here is the scoop!

I have used a few different brands in my life. Linds, Dynarooz and Dexter, they all have made some great shoes. Some look great, others work even better but look well, old, talking to you Linds.

Dexter SST8 Pro is one of my favorite looking recent shoes I have purchased.

I have bowled probably close to 300 games on these shoes and so far my drag toe is holding strong! I appreciate that a lot since I wear that part of my shoe down first. This has been a solid shoe for me until recently but I'll get into that in a bit.

The SST8 Pro has an interchangeable sole and heel. They use the patented SST technology. There are plenty other soles and heels to choose from to purchase as well to help combat the different weather hazards and bowling alley temperatures.

One of my negatives instantly was the fact it only came with one sole / heel to choose from. I'm less worried about the heel as the sole is something I want to be on point with. But truly, I bowl for the most part in the same climate and most of the centers I have been to are close to the same temperatures. Its those off the wall temperature days that is harder to manage the inside temperature and keep great sliding conditions.

The other negative that seemed to be starting to happen was the front of the sole started to lose its velcro stickiness. I cleaned the base velcro and the sole, but its not sticking like it use to and is starting to be felt on the approach as I am moving my sliding foot. Not a big fan of this, but unlike other issues, this will probably be fixable with just a new sole.

It comes in three different looks, two in mens and one in womens. My favorite is below:

The other color:

Here is the women's version:

The shoe is comfortable, no complaints on how it has felt. I am usually leaving the shoe fairly loose so I can easily slip in and out of them and the shoe is holding up very well to the extra pressure on the sides of the shoe.

The price isn't bad either. At the time of purchase, I was able to get mine for around $140. Much less than some of the other shoes out there and still provides a solid shoe.

Overall, I like the shoe, its definitely an upgrade from the Linds I use to sport.