Bowling Ball Traveling

Planes, Trains, Automobiles, Motorcycles?

Bringing an arsenal with you to tournaments? Don't have a personal plane to fly them with you? Well, the information below will help you find your solution to having the best arsenal with you anywhere.

One of the first solutions that pops up when searching the internet is, Bowling Ball Shipper. By going to their website, you can purchase shipping labels for the bowling balls and easily place them on a box that will fit the bowling ball you are needing to send out. Then drop off to your local mail center or schedule a pick up. Another option similar to this is Bowling Ball Express

Also, you can get a quote for sending multiple bowling balls to potentially create a savings if you need to send more than one.

Bowling balls have a diameter of a minimum of 8.5" and a maximum of 8.595", so the boxes for them should be at least 9" cubic. You can find these at your local shipping retailers. Also, hold on to your old bowling ball boxes when purchasing balls, or you can even reach out to your local pro shop and see if they will give you a box or charge you a small fee maybe.

If you are going to ship multiple balls, make sure you have a strong box with good dividers and some light packing material. You may also need to up the insurance that is automatically added to some shipping services. Protect those balls!

Now, if you are flying to a tournament and are confident with just six bowling balls. You'll be able to bring them along with you by checking them in. With some of the cool bowling ball bags out there, you might be able to get away with only checking one in and using the other as a carry on! This is a crap shoot though and unless you know every agent you'll be working with that day, you are taking a chance at them telling you no!

Sometimes, its just easier to hop in your car and throw those beautiful balls in your trunk. Depending on gas prices, which at the moment are not good, this could make lots of sense. You can easily split gas with other tournament bowlers, this will help cover those costs.

In countries other than the United States, trains are generally viable solutions to traveling with bowling balls. Its a lot cheaper to check in bags and if you need extra bags. There is more room on a train but they tend to be on the slow side.

However you travel, good luck and good bowling!