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700/800 USBC Grand Rapids Tournament

Sometimes, just sometimes, it feels good

To qualify for this tournament, you need to have ...

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Quick 2023 Recap

Looking at the top 3 tournaments in views so far.

Our top Tournament so far, was a tournament that a...

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MSBS - Ionia Sweeper

Making the cut!?!?

There was 57 bowlers on ready on April 23, 2023. R...

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PBA Finals Stepladder format is.....

Well, lets just say we can do better.

Heading into the Tournament of Champions finals th...

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On The Gutter Podcast

General bowling talk

On my journey to adding information to this websit...

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Motiv Bowling

Based in Michigan, United States

If you're an avid bowler, you know that having the...

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Changing balls during competition

Do you feel like you are making the right ball choices?

When starting the tournament out, it seems like a ...

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We don't talk about it...

and no, its not Bruno!

There is this thing that happens early sunday morn...

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Check out this tool for bowlers!

Need a better way to manage your balls? Look no further.

Tons of bowlers talk about what balls they have an...

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Bowling Ball Traveling

Planes, Trains, Automobiles, Motorcycles?

Bringing an arsenal with you to tournaments? Don't...

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Dexter SST8 Pro Review

Had these shoes for almost a full year now and here is the scoop!

I have used a few different brands in my life. Lin...

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What is the Biggest Tournament in Bowling?

They come from far and wide, bringing tales of the alleys with them.

The biggest tournament in bowling? What does that ...

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Your First Bowling Tournament?

Get rid of those jitters and what to look for at your first tournament.

Are you looking to expand your bowling experience ...

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Scratch Bowling Tournaments in the Midwest

Some of the best scratch tournaments around the Midwest of the US!

Have you wanted to test your skills on oil pattern...

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